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Monday, April 10, 2006

Ladies Carnival is around the corner

Ladies Carnival is around the corner again. It's held on 16 April 2006, this coming Sunday. It would be another great time to purchase those beauty related products from inner to outer care. The Anti-Ageing Package from inner to outer care is SAVING up to RM392.00 (WM) / (EM). This is only valid until 16 April 2006. After that, there will be no longer this promotion package. Again the Anti-Ageing Package include:- 1 Ultimate Perfect Big Set include:

Double Cleansing (100g)

Clarifying Lotion (180ml)

Conditioning Lotion (150ml)

Nourishing Crème Lotion (80ml)

Worth RM888.00 (WM) / RM911.00 (EM)

1 of Special Care Facial Massaging Pack (80g)

Worth RM235.00 (WM) / RM241.00 (EM) 1 of Elken Spirulina 1200 Tablets

Worth RM328.00 (WM) / RM336.00 (EM)

1 of Win IG6 Colostrum Tablet (500 tablets)

Worth RM322.00 (WM) / RM327.00 (EM)

1 of Win Ester-C250 (220 tablets)

Worth RM134.00 (WM) / RM137.00 (EM)

All of these only at RM1515 (WM) / RM1560 (EM) and it can be make by 0% installment with Maybank, Southern Bank, RHB, CitiBank, Standard Chartered, HSBC, Ambank credit card for 12 months. This is mean, every month RM126.25 (WM) / RM130.00 (EM) will charge to your credit card statement on the particular bank automatically. For more information, please email me and leave your contact number, I will call you soon for skin care product trying and explanation (Only applicable for those in Klang Valley).

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

'Guasa' way to glowing skin

Combining the wonders of guasa, an ancient Chinese beauty therapy with modern skin care products is how four women maintain their healthy outlook, JULIA JAAFAR finds out. THERE are some modern women who think little of traditional beauty techniques, dismissing ancient secrets and tools as plain old-fashioned. Who needs them if perfect skin can be achieved with a myriad of products available in the market? After all, keeping bright, healthy skin takes too much time and effort, which is why, apart from investing sizeable amounts of their earnings on “miracle” skin care products, women seek help from experts in beauty salons and leave the hard work in their hands. Four women between 23 and 53 years old who radiate confidence testify that smooth, glowing skin is not beyond reach as long as you nourish the skin with the right products and maintain a healthy lifestyle. But surely taut, even-toned skin, especially on women above 40, needs more work than that, I asked? A little bit of prodding and the ladies — 52-year-old Kathy Chow, Ruslina Lazim, 43, Jess Teong, 41 and model/actress Amber Chia — all users of Elken's range of skin care products, broke into smiles before unleashing another little secret — the wonders of guasa, an ancient Chinese beauty therapy. Apparently, guasa, which means “to detoxify” is a tried and tested technique of “scraping” the surface of the skin to boost blood circulation, metabolism and to rid the body of fat or health woes such as gastritis or constipation.Traditionally, the skin is scraped with a coin or spoon dipped in water until red patches appeared to reveal the “problem”. However, the ladies use a special guasa board (about the size of a deck of cards) made of buffalo horn with Elken's special massage cream, which they say, is a simple process that not only relaxes the skin but maximises the benefits of the products. Manufactured in Japan and France, they are plants-based and contain no animal-derived ingredients, artificial colouring, fragrance, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and mineral oil. “I'm very serious about the products that I use,” says Teong, who looks not a day older than 30. “So it is important to me that I get the best results.” She feels that there is no point in buying the best skin care products if you don't maximise its benefits. You can't help but marvel at her flawless, almost wrinkle-free porcelain-like face. For the television host/model/singer/entrepreneur, looking good is not a matter of choice for much of what she does requires her to look her best. As a result, even when work ends as late as 3am, the mother-of-two finds herself pottering about the house with one hand gently massaging her face before going to bed. The massage unblocks the pores, lifts and improves the skin's power of absorption so that it looks younger, longer. A grandmother of two, Chow, on the other hand, had suffered the effects of severe breakouts when she became pregnant with her first child 29 years ago. “I had a very bad mark on my right cheek aside from pimple scars that remained for some 27 years until I came across Elken's Ultimate Perfect skin care products two years ago,” she said. The combination of the product and guasa have improved the condition of her skin by leaps and bounds that she barely needs to hide the flaws with thick makeup. Freckles and pigmentation marks that came with time have since been replaced with firmer, hydrated skin. While Ruslina said 20 years ago, she was a frumpy mother-of-one who cared little about how she looked. She wore pants, was unkempt and despite working as a secretary, didn't know how to apply lipstick! Things changed in 1989 when her friends secretly submitted her name for the Mrs Malaysia Beauty Pageant. “Up till then, I thought all you needed to clean your face was soap,” reminisced Ruslina who was forced to seek help from an expert to help with her make-up and teach her how to walk. The pageant totally transformed her from bug to butterfly though things did not remain rosy for long. In her mid-30s, she was struck with multiple illnesses that brought upon a host of skin troubles, caused by the medication she was forced to take. Flaky skin, freckles, pigmentation (which almost covered her whole face) and the emergence of protein beads were among her woes. “Daily guasa helps,” said Ruslina who was introduced to the therapy, alongside Elken's skin care range two years ago. “It has certainly helped my skin react better to the medication which I still have to take.” The svelte mother of five children also uses its Special Treatment range (which includes the Skin Whitening Mask, Line Corrector Serum, Pore Treatment Essence and more) and takes Elken's health supplements daily. “I wish I would look just as good as all of them when I reach their age,” is international model Amber Chia's wish. For now, her good looks and slim figure are her assets. Realising this, Chia believes that the secret to keeping her skin in good state — hence prolonging her career as a model — lies in using the right skin care. Chia is an ambassador for Elken and has been using their skin care range for a year. What has a model got to complain about, you might ask? Could they possibly have bad skin?Well, those who notice are mainly the make-up artists — people who actually know her skin well. “They've told me that I don't need as many touch-ups as I used to anymore, even after long hours in the sun or under the spotlight.” “And it's great because I get to maintain my skin condition even when I'm abroad. When I'm in Malaysia, I use the Visible Radiance range, which is actually for younger skin. “I use the richer Ultimate Perfect when I'm overseas as my skin tends to be drier due to the weather and long travelling hours.”

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Testimonial from Amber Chia

"Elken helped me to achieve perfection!" By Amber Chia - International model & celebrity Elken Total Beauty Ambassador:- Everyone knows that beauty is No.1 importance for a model. It is imperative that we take extra care of our skin, especially we are frequently busy at work and exposed to heavy cosmetic usage - sometimes I have to put on and remove my make-ups several times a day! I find Visible Radiance to be the perfect, convenient skin care solution that fits my hectic lifestyle. The regime is simple and most importantly, it produces great results. The Visible Radiance Cleansing Gel is easy to use while the Visible Radiance Day Moisturising Serum is absorbed very quickly. My favourite product is Visible Radiance Toning Lotion - it feels so delightfully soothing and comfortable! Like any other woman, I'm also worried about signs of ageing which often leave their impressions on the skin. But thanks to Visible Radiance Night Concentrate Creme, my skin now feels firmer! And I love the fact that none of the products feel greasy or oily on my face - thus my make-up now stays on better and longer! Even though my skin was a bit dull and dry before, it was relatively problem-free. However, Elken has helped me to achieve perfection. If my skin was rated 80% previously, I now score a full 100%!

Visible Radiance Series

It's clinically proven to combat premature ageing and skin dullness. 1. Deep Cleansing Peach leaf, raspberry and apple fruit extract (Rayolys) Tested & proven: Skin texture becomes smoother and skin appears brighter with fewer brown spots (Clinical study conducted by Laboratoire Skin Research, France 2002) 2. Deep Moisturising with Unique Nano-Encapsulation Technology Prepares skin for better protection against early ageing as particle sizes are 1000 times smaller than 1 micron. It also helps to stabilise active ingredients and progressively allow nutrients to permeate deep into skin layers for the best efficiency. 3. Super Anti-Oxidant & Anti-Inflammatory Vitis Vinifera (Viniferol) Contains anti-oxidant and anti-ageing properties to promote skin radiance and prevent premature ageing. It contains effective antioxidants that may:- i. Lessen oxidantion ii. Inactivate free radicals iii. Restore some normal functions of tissues damaged by free radicals Tested & Proven: Vitis Vinifera (Viniferol) has been proven to reduce the inflammation of facial skin by about 70% compared to vitamin E (20%). (Clinical study conducted by Laboratoire Skin Research, France 2002) Reduced inflammation strengthens capillaries and increases resistance to combat toxins and grease accumulation. Visible Radiance in combination with Elken Mega Beauty / Elken Beauty Guasa further enhances and provide:
  • exceptional deep cleansing
  • moisture-retention and nutrient absorption by 4 times
  • blood circulation enhancement

Dull Skin, WHY?

Dull skin is caused by poor skin rejuvenation which is a vicious cycle of dead skin unable to shed quickly and low turnover rate of new skin cells. This condition is closely related to poor nutrient absorption. 1. Improper cleansing clogs the pores and prevents absorption of moisture & nutrients into skin. 2. Improper moisturising with products with large molecules of nutrients also leads to poor nutrient absorption. Smaller molecules of nutrients in moisturisers are vital for deep nourishment. 3. Environmental stress and ageing can cause dullness and lack of lustre-common signs of free-radical effects and premature ageing. Hence, anti-oxidant and anti-ageing properties in skin care products are essential. 4. Poor blood circulation may decrease nourishment and moisture delivered to skin cells. Facial massage is important in enhancing blood circulation.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Soybean Extract

84% Softer & Moisturised Skin As skin's dryness increase, softness will decrease due to loss of moiture through evaporation from the skin cells. To care for dry skin, the secret lies in careful management of its moisture content. The moisture level of millions of skin cells is affected by Natural Moisturising Factors. NMFs are water-attracting compounds located primarily in the epidermis. Loss of skin's moisture is due to environmental factors, improper cleansing, poor cell renewal and high alcohol content in the clarifying lotions / toners.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Testimonial from Jess Teong - Ageless Beauty

I have always believed that good skin is a god-given gift to all and is a woman's second priority in life. Thus, from young, I have always taken good care of my skin because I firmly believe that "a woman with good skin is the most beautiful woman!" Therefore, choosing a complete and appropriate skin care products, which is perfect for my skin is my life's greatest pursuit! I was once a singer, and being constantly on stage and in the limelight, I had to wear thick make-up and retouching of more make-up. I also had extremely tight schedules and long working hours. Later, like other women, I got married and gave birth. As the consequence of my lifestyle, wrinkles, freckles and dark patches started to appear on my skin. Thus, it is dehydrate, loss of radiance and elasticity. The ravage of time took its toll on my complexion. But the timely arrival of Ultimate Perfect, Dr-Xeniji and Elken's new range of skin care products helped to ease my facial problems. Now, in my forties with two sons aged 8 and 5, I still receive praises and appreciative glances. Most people remark that I look even more beautiful than before. When in public, besides envious stares, I am often mistaken for a lady in my 20s. I am just too pleased, really! In the nineties, the song that made me famous was "Can a woman be beautiful until 50?" Having sung the song for 15 years, I have finally found the elusive answer and secret. I am now a living proof that a woman can be beautiful not only up to 50, but also 60, 70 and even 80 years old. Thank you Elken for enabling me to regain my beauty and confidence! My message to all women: with Elken, looking youthful is now not a problem! Jess Teong now at her 40s
Jess Teong 20s Jess Teong 30s

Monday, September 12, 2005

6-in-1 Anti-Wrinkle Formula: Ultimate Perfect

1 SUPPRESSES WRINKLE-CAUSING ENZYME (collagenase). Stetlaria Media extract has been clinically proven to decrease the production of collagenase by 97.3% 2 INCREASES SKIN METABOLISM and boosts skin's natural strength and resistance to ageing with: • Rutin and Japanese AngelicaRehmannia Chinensis • Lithospermum Officinale extract 3 DEFLECTS FREE RADICAL DAMAGE with Cabbage Rose extract. The manufacturer of Ultimate Perfect series is the first company to discover the anti-ageing properties of this rose extract. 4 DEEP CLEANSING Its duo-action cleanser using Micro-Hoc Base formula not only penetrates deep within pores to remove traces of dirt and grime, but also does not dehydrate or remove too much oil from the skin. 5 DEEP EXFOLIATION Its clarifying toner exfoliates dead skin for better absorption of moisture and nutrients. 6 DEEP MOISTURISING All ingredients are micro-emulsified into 1/2000 of the size of a human milk particle, allowing the ingredients to permeate into the skin without preventing respiration.


Why skin Wrinkles Did you know that everyday we stress our face with over 15,000 facial expressions and these can cause wrinkles? There are 3 types of wrinkles 1 DYNAMIC WRINKLES - Smiles, frown and scowl lines, forehead creases and lip wrinkles, develop each time we smile, laugh or frown. The common locations are between the eyebrows, across the forehead and on the cheeks near the outer corners of the eyes. 2 STATIC WRINKLES - formed due to lack of skin elasticity caused by sun damage, smoking, genetics, poor nutrition, or from prolonged dynamic wrinkling. They are visible regardless of muscle contraction. 3 SKIN FOLD WRINKLES - formed due to sagging of the cheeks causing deep grooves between the nose and mouth. 3 main reasons why skin wrinkles 1 COLLAGENASE - is a wrinkle-formation enzyme generated deep in the skin by ultraviolet and other irritants. Collagenase decomposes dermal collagen and elasticfibres, leading to the loss of skin elasticity. 2 LOW SKIN METABOLISM due to ageing results in: • Hardening and reduction of collagen resulting in resistance of daily facial stresses. • Skin cells divide more slowly and the dermis layer begins thin. • Loss of fat pads give the face a droopy look • Skin loses elasticity and is unable to retain moisture as oil-secreting glands are less efficient. Hormonal effects of menopause or decreased oestrogen lowers collagen levels by 2% per year and reduces in skin thickness by 1 % per year. 3 FREE RADICALS - damage cell function and activate metalloproteases, an enzyme that breaks down collagen.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Stellaria Media Extract

It's provides deep moisture and tautness that helps to reduce fine lines formation (Suppresses the wrinkle enzyme called collagenase)
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